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"Ebony Reigns Told Me She Was Going To Die, Plus Other Secrets" - iAlien

Philippa aka iAlien an artist has shared her life story and some of the things She and Ebony reigns went through.

iAlien was part of the Ruff Town Records label that managed Ebony.

"I see myself as an alien who have been to earth and gone"

"I wish no one will use a mobile phone and other technological gadgets here on earth because they are creating more problems than helping us'

"For example, see what is happening on social media. They are too toxic. iAlien said.

" I do soul dark music"

"The songs I sing are my journey so far in life. The words I sing are real. They are things I have experienced"

"I write my own songs. No one writes my songs for me".

"Though I do soul dark music, I can do all the other genres as well"

But Ghana here people are not real. They just use your resources, then leave you to rot.

"I met a couple of producers and managers who wanted to handle me but my mother didn't agree because of what they wanted us to do.

"They wanted us to get into vodoo and occult stuff but my mother didn't agree"

She said all she wants now is to put her talent out there and not to get into demonic stuff.

According to the so called manager who wanted to manage her, in Ghana you cannot just penetrate into the industry with your talent, you have to do other things.

After she refused this deal she became partially paralyzed with stroke twice.

iAlien didn't believe Ebony died her natural death.

"I became friends with Ebony on Instagram, then we clicked from there".

"The add lips in Ebony's Kope's song and poison song, it was me" iAlien revealed.

"I was part of the team that promoted Ebony. Bullet is my witness".

" I even had a song with Ebony but felt the song wasn't up to scratch, so I didn't release it".

"Frankie Kury was a distraction for Ebony. She was pushing way too much and Ebony at a point became discontented with Bullet because of Frankie Kury's involvement with her. So from day one I never supported their friendship".

Frankie Kury was taking Ebony to places she was not supposed to be. In the Sunyani they went to, they were not supposed to be there.

" Frankie Kury and Ebony were not childhood friends".

According to iAlien, at a point Ebony wasn't speaking to her of the way she was against her friendship with Kury.

"Before Ebony died, she was at the verge of breaking off from Ruff Town Records".

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