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Press and see: Lady reply fan who questioned her backside if it natural

In the 1970s US television series The Six Million Dollar Man was aired and the lead character, Steve Austin, was rebuilt to be “better, stronger, and faster” with the help of the latest technology, after a near fatal accident. With technological modifications, a man barely alive turned into a bionic man, a cyborg whose physical and cognitive capacities outperformed ordinary human beings.

Can we call Steve a human, or a superhuman, or a transhuman? Although Steve’s story is just fiction, this special issue intends to shine a spotlight on the issue his case raises: What happens when technology merges with the human body? One thing that was made clear in the TV show is that Steve’s technological interventions were done for therapeutic purposes, in the sense that lost bodily functions were replaced and restored. And yet at the same time those therapeutic interventions resulted in the enhancement of his capabilities.

In our world today, body enhancement alternatives are made available for all persons who want to upgrade any part of thier body. Many ladies sort for this technology to enhance thier body shapes and sizes.

A lady was seen on instagram displaying a huge backside. This made a fan of hers question her if her backside was natural or enhanced artificially. The answer was simply, "it is purely natural you can come and touch it" the lady said.

Check out the picture that made the fan question the nice curvy lady.

Credit: instagram

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