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5 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery

Whenever women in Hollywood get anything done it’s always a big deal. And it doesn’t matter if they just changed up their hair, got some botox or had major plastic surgery. It gets pretty much the same amount of attention and people point it out for years to come. But what about men? It’s not like male celebs don’t get plastic surgery. They get their fair share of facelifts, nose jobs, botox etc, but we don’t hear about it as much do we? So today we’re going to talk about male celebs you didn’t know had plastic surgery.

George Clooney 

George has been known as a hot silver fox for quite a long time and many concur that while he was an extremely attractive youngsters he matured like fine wine and remains inconceivably gorgeous in his 50s. He had some assistance from plastic specialists however. George had an eyelid lift in 2007, it eliminated the saggy skin, made his look more brilliant and made his lovely earthy colored eyes stand apart much more. 

Howard Stern 

Howard Stern has several things done, some of which are self-evident and some of which are begging to be proven wrong. For instance you can't contend with the way that he's had a nose task to eliminate the knock on his nose, and he's confessed to having liposuction to dispose of abundance fat under his jaw and make his facial structure more unmistakable. Notwithstanding on the off chance that you see his photos during that time you begin to feel that he got a facelift as well, however he's never affirmed or denied it. 

Gordon Ramsay 

Gordon Ramsay says he initially considered completing work all over when his children began to place coins into his wrinkles while he was dozing. From that point forward he's had a laser treatment for his skin, some botox and most likely a facelift or two. You can see he looks preferred now over he could possibly do previously. 

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock has an amazing body and he achieved that mostly through diet and exercise, however he used to have one problem area that he couldn’t fix naturally. He has a condition that results in larger chest in males, or in layman’s terms – man boobs. No matter what he did that part of fat tissue wouldn’t move, so he had a surgery to remove excess fat and he has talked openly about it.

Tom Cruise 

Its a well known fact that Tom Cruise has had a nose work quite a while past. However, more as of late he's been looking altogether different everywhere all over. It's difficult to say if it's plastic medical procedure or a ton of botox, yet he's certainly accomplishing something. Maybe being on the opposite side of 50 is at long last getting to him.

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