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Afia Schuaznegger Proves There Are No Snakes In Her Water. The Environment Is Clean And Sterile

It seems this beef is not ending any moment from now. There have been this argument between Twene Jonas and Afia Schuaznegger.

Twene Jonas is a social media personality who operates most on Facebook whilst Afia Schuaznegger is a Ghanaian based comedian and a television personality.

Afia made a video which she told Ghanaians not to pay attention to Twene Jonas because he is even homeless in the United States.

Twene also replied and made several allegations against her.

Afia then came back with another video that, she will bring Twene Jonas back to Ghana so that he will kneel to apologise to those he have insulted.

Twene Jonas also came back and alleged that Afia Schuaznegger's water is not healthy and food and drugs authority should investigate it.

He also alleged that she have placed Snakes in her water so Ghanaians should stop drinking his water.

This morning Afia Schuaznegger have also made a video this morning to prove that there are no Snakes in her water.

She made a video of the whole environment of her water company with videos of workers who were busily working.

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