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Date Rush Reunion - Grandpa verses Desmond.

Sometimes the truth really hurt but when address in the right way sweeps away every uncertainty.

Grandpa and Desmond are all products of the TV3 Date Rush Show Season 5 - a reality show which pave way for single individuals to find love which when handled it well could eventually lead to marriage.

The moment Grandpa appeared on the date rush show preferably everyone was wow - simply because of his body stature. He is so handsome.

And Desmond on the other hand is very cute and charming but not as stout as Grandpa which everyone could of course attest to that.

But when it comes to mental faculty Desmond conquers it all as they proved to the whole world on the reunion show on last Sunday.

The truth of the matter is that having all the six packs doesn't make you a complete man indeed instead how to reason talk handle situations and of course how you carry yourself amidst people.

When rating Grandpa and Desmond on their attitude and matured mindset over a hundred percent Grandpa will definitely score none - Desmond will eventually score all the hundred percent.

On the reunion show on last Sunday Desmond stood up tall in everything as compared to Grandpa.

Apparently after the show everyone was hailing Desmond on social media as the star of the show because of his choice of words and how he carried himself about.

Nevertheless Grandpa on the other hand proved to everyone on last Sunday's show that he's never worth it despite his good looks - which of course attracted a lot of backlashes on social media.

So ladies it over to us which of course I'm also a lady not to go in for men with six packs all the time but a man with brains and intellect when it comes to choosing man for a date.

Obviously men with six packs really attract but good mental maturity conquers it all.

Date Rush everyone really deserves love.

Please kindly comment and share my post for me. Thanks alot for your great kindness.

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