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(Must see):Slay queen caught in an incomplete building cheating on her boyfriend.

You are welcomed to Dimaskinosnews once again to read about a ghetto slay queen cheating on her boyfriend who later catches them in an incomplete building. Please after reading, do not to like and also share you thoughts about this issue.

It has come into the custody of Dimaskinonews a video about a girl in early 20s cheating on her ghetto boyfriend with another ghetto guy.From the beginning of the video on could see that these two were filming themselves having fun with each other outside the building before getting inside.

The girl was more or less like the director as she was the one dictating were the phone was to be placed. Unfortunately for them or the girl, the boyfriend from nowhere came into that same place to as we believe to smoke. This was because he had a stick of “wee” and a lighter.The lover was so furious as he threatened to kill the girlfriend and her new “smasher”. The new lover of the girl upon seeing how angry he was flee away to prevent any harm that was to befall him.

The intruder in the video could be heard asking the girl if she was not satisfied with all the he had done for her. The girl on the the on other hand just had her palm fixed firmly to her face in shame and pleading for forgiveness.

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