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Curvy Challenge: Between Hajia Bintu And Beverly Tlhako, Who Do You Think Will Win? [Photos]

The African modelling industry is gradually increasing And evolving into another level as beautiful and Curvaceous models are turning up and changing the Olden and former narration. they are gradually turning It into the one with the most curves win and that Seems to have changed the definition of “Modelling!”

In this modern world, one can get fame and Popularity with anything that you display on the Public, one can easily start trending because of her Shape, beauty, hard-work, character or attitude, and in The area of these two models mentioned here, they Are currently trending because of the huge backside That they were privileged to acquire.

Hajia Bintu is a Ghanaian model and brand influencer While on the other hand, Beverly Tlhako is a South Africa model and female blogger who is well-Endowed and beautiful. being beauty and curvy might Seem to be the only thing that we know about Beverly Tlhako and Hajia Bintu but No, they are unique.

Hajia Bintu is a Tiktok star and brand influencer who Believes that her huge curves will not earn her any Income but fame and popularity while on the other Hand, Beverly Tlhako is a South Africa model who Believes that only her curves will not earn her any Capital. They are unique because as they have Accommodates fame and popularity, they also need Money so as to be well respected. Beverly Tlhako is a Model, video vixen, Instagram blogger while Hajia Bintu is a model, student, enterprenuer, Tiktok star and the list is endless.

Between Beverly Tlhako and Hajia Bintu, who do you Think of this is meant to be a physical curvy Challenge? Men's, do you fancy huge curves or brain While in a relationship? Kindly share and follow for More

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