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Read The Story Of Jake, A 4- Year- Old Ghanaian Celebrity Whose Photo Became Popular Through Memes

Today, many children around the world are very popular for one reason or another. Some of them made a name for themselves by doing nothing. Just like the child in this article. But let's take a look at some details about this amazing boy.

This is the story of a little boy from Ghana whose photo went viral through various memes in 2016 and so many Ghanaian children can be raised well through him.

The boy's name was Jake because he was four years old.

He decided to attend an elementary school in Ghana, the same school as the 4-year-old boy's school, to share his love of art at school.

In the process, when Adufa shared his passion with elementary school students, Carlos Cortes, Adufa's friend, took some pictures of the children while they were painting and they took them without realizing that one of these pictures would soon become popular.

When Adufa returned to the US, he posted many photos of the children he took with him to Ghana on the Internet. Jake's photo is part of the published photo.

Within hours, the serious expression on Jake's face and the way Jake excitedly held his pencil caught people's attention and the drawings started to blend, this spawned a lot of memes and jokes online.

After creating a GoFundMe account for Jake, around $2,000 was generated in a matter of hours and then increased to around $20,000.

However, if you look at this article, how about this?

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