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Hope For Film Industry

The new cinema industry in Ghana, also known as Gollywood, started in the early part of the 1980s. Before Gollywood, the government of Ghana, who inherited the film industry from the colonial government, was the only producer of films in the country.

However, the Ghana Film Industry has survive a lot and have also produced movies. The movie industry has also produced a lot of veteran actors.

Meanwhile, way back the film industry use to put up short drama series that fits the Ghanaian culture that makes people to fall in love with the movie industry.

The film industry has come a long way but as technology and trend changes with time and industry too changed a lot of things and introduced different cultures.

Most people expected the industry to grown but it's unfortunate the industry couldn't main it's progress but collasped because some of the movies they produced were full of comedy and unnecessary things.

Another thing that made the film industry to collapse was it's structure and the challenges the actors face when they have to travel and fend for themselves if they have to play a role at a location. They amount of money they charge sometimes is not been paid but given little amount of money for a role that discourages some actors.

There is still a lot of hope for the industry if these are done properly and better measures must be put in place. Producers and movie directors must give equal opportunities to all actors and not based on their favourites.

They should adopt to new technologies and maintain the Ghanaians culture in their films. Opportunity should be given to the young talents who have the passion, zeal and skills for acting.

Hope for the Film industry depends on well we organize, do things properly and bringing back our cinemas, Art and culture, local dramas and live act plays in our theatres.

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