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COVID 19, Blessing in Disguise?

Just when our eyes were gifted to see the light of day,

When the pleasant smell of the sun flower saturated the skies

Just when we positioned our benches under the Iroko tree

Just when the oceans ceased to roar and the song bird found its voice to sing

Just when our lost hope was found We fell flat on our faces, darkness pushed us in the dark

We took off our blind folds and humanity couldn’t find its way. We left our houses and the grave became home

We dare not blame this war on Hitler cos there are no guns fired

But I am certain, certain in my mind that someone, somewhere, someway, somehow pulled the trigger

But it aint a bazooka or AK 47. This is CORONA

Thousands lost their lives in China.  Tears filled our eyes and fear took our hearts

Wuhan had become the centre off death

Maybe Moses should have warned us to mark our doors post with the blood of the lamb

The world sat back with folded arms looking at china to deliver herself from this self-imposed calamity

Little did we know it was going to become a global pandemic

Wo ko to s3 wo yonko abodwise esh3 aa na wasa nsuo asi wo de3 ho

We ignored the wisdom of our ancestors,

From Asia to Europe, America all the way to poor Africa

The world would fall on its knees, maybe a change of heart is what we really need

In a blink of an eye corona took our happiness, now all we have is emptiness

A great lesson learnt, self is never enough

It’s about time we look at the bigger picture. But as usual, Africa is Africa

We are told to wash our hands with soap under running water

But when the taps aint flowing, what becomes the fate of Mariama

When Lamisi can’t afford a hand sanitizer, I need not be a Jewish prophet to tell you her life is in danger

But typical of the Black-man, who only sees an avenue to multiply his profits at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian. Helter- skelter in search of greater shelter we run for our lives

Because of this virus, we can’t shake hands anymore

But hey, let’s drop this act of hypocrisy, way before corona we weren’t talking anymore

We watched each other’s statuses but truth is we had grown far apart, strangers on Mount Ararat

This world is a crazy place and we only have one shot at life,

In as much as our opinion may differ, the moments and memories we shared as friends matter

On a crossroad, face-to-face with this wahala, seeking asylum in times of this insanity,

We get to realise everything is vanity upon vanity

Testing positive to a virus that guarantees you first class ticket to the graveyard

But the human virus is much scarier, we are where we are today thanks to p3s3menkomenya, selfishness, corruption and greed. Shakespeare says babies cry when they’re born simply because they’re born into the world of fools. America and china playing the blame game

The world watches in silence, wondering what there is to gain. Say a prayer for Italy even the pope seems to have lost all hope. Ebe Ghana we dey I know say we all dey cope

Make the politicians remember say this 100million, we all wanna eye red for top

Corona shouldn’t be an excuse for chop chop

Pastors thinking of their tithes and offerings, turning a blind eye to the masses who are suffering,

Every pastor dey wan stream for Facebook live, every pastor dey wan do church service online –where then do we dry our clothes after washing them? We should have seen this coming but Kidi was killing us with enjoyment

The past is not the present’ the whole country was saying sorry to Nana Ama, 21 cases and still counting

Schools shut down and we are all panicking, I’m sure Kwesi Arthur is still grinding, all flight have been cancelled even from Accra to London. Some say these are signs of the end time, please pardon me but I beg to differ

These are times we have to be stronger, these are times to test our humanity, if we begin at home we may find charity, then we shall find great clarity, whatever be the cause of this calamity, things are falling apart and the centre cannot hold. When the falcon can’t hear the falconer, our cry for help is to God up above.

These too shall pass no matter how long it lasts, even when we fall, we will rise and fly again.

COVID 19 for all you may know may be a blessing in disguise.

Written by Jibsam.

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Content created and supplied by: Folkxhub (via Opera News )

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