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"Come to my aid, they said I will die In the next seven days." Actress Cries after shooting a movie.

Shebaby, also known as Oluwaseyi Ariyo, has appealed for assistance from all Nigerians. She cried while calling on well-meaning Nigerians to help her out of her plight in a video posted on her Instagram page today. To view the video, click on this link. 

Shebaby said that she has received many threatening phone calls from Yoruba culture traditionalists and vanguards who have been offended by the new film she is working on. She also said that the traditionalists predicted that she will doe in seven days. Shebaby even took to Instagram to share a photo of people's grievances. Take a look at the following picture.

She was working on a new film called "Asiri Pepe," according to the troubled actress. Shebaby pointed out that there is a scene in the film where a masquerade is caught sleeping with a woman. 

"One secretly filmed the scene on his or her phone when we were filming it. After that, the person demonstrated the scene to the traditionalists. I was accused of disparaging the people's culture and customs. Traditionalists said that I was planning to smear Yoruba culture with mud "Shebaby expressed her thoughts.

Seyi Ariyo, on the other hand, denied that she was trying to smear traditional religion's image. Take a look at the following image;

The terrifying Revelations of Shebaby elicited a range of reactions. While many Yoruba filmmakers hoped she would not die, others claimed the video was merely a publicity stunt to promote the film. Take a look at the comments below for some examples of how people reacted to the

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