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Check out five ladies with bigger body parts; one of them is an African.


God created so many people with larger and unusual body parts than the average human beings and most of those people have become famous due to their rare body structures. Some people try to make some parts of their body bigger through surgeries but some women were born with their unusual features.

Allegra Cole

Allegra Cole is an American model with the largest fake breasts in the world. She is fifty-two years old. It was revealed that she has done three surgeries and spent a lot of money to make her breasts larger.

Maria Oz

Maria Oz is a Ukrainian who is known for her huge eyes. Many people sayed that her eyes are fake but she revealed to everyone that she inherited them from her dad.

Redmila Yusupova

She is a model from Russia. She is known to have one of the longest tongue in the world. She could stretch it from her upper teeth to her jaw. She became famous due to her 4.6 inches tongue and because of this, her fans gave her the nickname "the snake".

Maci Currin

Maci Currin is a 17 years old American who lives in Texas, United States of America. Her 6 feet tall legs has brought her fame. Her legs alone is taller than so many people. She revealed that she was bullied by her peers for having longer legs but now she doesn't care.

Eudoxie Yao

Eudoxie Yao is an african influencer. She is known to have one of the biggest hips in the world. Being an influencer isn't the only thing that makes famous. her hips have a circumference of 152 cm. She has revealed that her hips are natural and that she didn't acquire them from surgeries.

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