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5 Photos Of A Guy With The Most Gigantic Backside

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Just when you thought you've heard or seen it all on the internet, then comes the shocking photos of Micah Regalias, a singer, songwriter, and musician with the heaviest backside.

Without question, this upcoming artist is increasingly gaining fame with his looks. An enviable backside that most women and celebrities go under the knife to get. Even renowned female singers such as Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and the likes keep even staring at him in amazement.

Perhaps you are guessing, whether this person is actually a male or female. You guessed right. He's a male with zero surgery on his body. Perhaps you may also be wondering why he was so bold to post his photos despite his controversial shape. The truth is, he is proud of his looks.

In conclusion, Micah may not be as popular as Nikki Minaj, Shakira, and the rest but his intimidating hips can be compared to those of these celebrities and to that of any female with gigantic booty. Frankly speaking, this upcoming artist has more hips than some of these celebrities in question.

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