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Repentance Isn’t Enough, I Have Sinned Against Many Girls In Ghana; Moesha Gets Suicidal

Life is really getting tough at celebrity and actress, Moesha Buduong ever since she repented. She had gone very silent on her social media activities for weeks until a video of her being saved from a suicide attempt popped up.

In her confession about what prompted her decision to end her life, Moesha said “life isn’t as easy as it is after giving your life to Christ.” She cried that the sins she’s committed in the past are not letting her have the peace she wished when she repented.

Moesha had climbed up to an uncompleted story building recording her final message about why she wants to take her life. It took some young men in the neighborhood who rushed to restrain her from committing suicide.

Upon her rescue and in her interaction with the gentlemen, Moesha said she regrets what she had done in the past, most especially pimping young girls to men. She indicated that many of those girls had lost their pride and blessing to what she termed was a ‘spiritual exchange’ with the men they slept with.

She cried that ever since she repented the past life keeps haunting her hence, she felt she had to end it all by committing suicide.

“Giving your life to Christ isn’t that easy. I though it was that easy. Reading the bible and singing praises…that is not it. Because of the sins we’ve done in the past, and the people that we’ve been with, and where we’ve gone to… there are spirits. The world has different things. It is not what we think it is.”

She disclosed that she had lost her ‘touch’ for greatness due to the life she lived, adding that “nothing worked for me no matter how hard I tried.”

From the conversation, Moesha is seriously depressed and needs some counselling and spiritual intervention. Her statement about the ‘spirits’ makes one think there is some bonding with ungodly spirit that is tormenting her after she repented.

Do say a prayer for her salvation and life.

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