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Amerado Has Given Obibini Another Chance at Fame. It’s up to Him to Use it Wisely.

In this life, there are second chances. Even when all hope appears to have gone, there are opportunities for us to revive again. This is how the Lord has made us. Today, I will discuss Obibini and Amerado’s beef and how Obibini stands the chance at making thee beef meaningful for him.

We all know Obinini rose to the limelight in Ghana’s rap game way before Amerado. And I have heard Obibini say that Amerado was chasing him for pictures years ago when he visited Kumasi. Well, that is life- K.K. Fosu was chased by Sarkodie for pictures and conversations but today who is huge? Look, many philosophers will tell you: the battle is not to the swift or first in the sequence of queuing algorithm, but to the favoured and talented. Obibini started from Zylophone and his fame wasn’t really felt for many awkward reasons but his talent has always been unquestionable.

With this beef, even though Amerado has only thrown one punch- in terms of diss track, Obibini has thrown three- and that is good. He should stop the diss tracks for now and release more beautiful tracks he has recorded over the periods. This is the time Obibini should pick up from the pieces. He has no excuse now. Earlier, NAM 1’s collapse could have been used as an excuse for his long absence but this is the time to prove his worth to Ghanaians again.

Like I said there is an opportunity for everyone in this world. When all hopes are lost and there appears to be no chance or hope for you, God will make way. I don’t want to appear preachy but I feel this is a classy opportunity for Obibini to also prove his relevance to the world. He has the talent and abilities. Ghana needs more of this and collaborations as well.

As it stands now, Amerado is at his peak. He has worked really hard over the last couple of months and there is no doubt he has the talent. His metaphors and similes with a touch of humour will sweep you off your feet. This is why his fame and numbers keep increasing. He achieved all these by working always- every Friday, he was serving Ghana with “Yeete Nsem” news rap. In-between those moments, he was releasing singles and travelling to Dubai to shoot videos and all. Indeed, he is very passionate and hardworking.

Obibini should work this hard and feed Ghana with more tracks and he will never regret the numbers that will come his way. Ghana music to the world>

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