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The open caskets of celebrities and famous people whose death surprised the world.

Death has been a thorn in the flesh of humanity. The inevitable phenomenon cannot be evaded by any human regardless of the stature, popularity and wealth. Over these years, we have been forced to cope with the sudden departure of some loved and cherished entertainers we least expected their demises. 

Most of them were exposed in their caskets during their memorial to receive their last respect from fans and families. Check out some of the open casket of some famous people and celebrities.

Michael Jackson

The King of pop passed on in 2009 at age 50, following a drug complication. He was considered one of the best cultural figures in America. His memorial was one of the most watched event in the history of streaming.

Bruce lee

The martial arts expert had a pretty short career after he died of Brain edema in 1973 in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee was just 32 years old.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister and an activists who played a huge role in ensuring black freedom in America. However, his good works were cut short after he was fatally shot and killed in 1968.

Malcom X

Malcom X was a human rights activists and an African American muslim minister who advocated for racial integration in America. He was shot in 1965 when he was preparing to address about 400 audience in the Manhattan Audubon Ballroom.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was one of the popular female musicians during the 80's and 90's. Her notable songs include "i will always love you" and " when you believe". Houston was found unresponsive and drown in a bathtub in her hotel. 

James Brown

James Brown was widely regarded as the Godfather of soul. His music career lasted for 50 years which made him one of the prominent singers in the USA. He passed on on Christmas day in 2006 after succumbing to heart failure due to pneumonia complications.

Edward Smith Fatu( Umaga)

The Samoan Bulldozer was one of he prominent wrestlers in the WWE from 2006 to 2008, due to his aggressive fighting style and tough stature. The powerful wrestler was found dead in his room with blood oozing from his nose after suffering a heart attack.

Bernie Mac

Bernard Jeffrey MaCullough was one of the popular stand-up comedians in America. Bernie died in August 2009 after succumbing to a cardiac arrest.

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