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"Why Is Second Round Always Longer Than First Round"- Lady Asks

A Lady made a controversial post that elicited mixed reactions from all sides. She asks confusing question that cause some people to pause and reflect before responding. Her question is nothing but one of those questions you hear every day and discuss with your friends. It's up to you to tell us your answer if you have had experience before.

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Her question is for experienced people, and she asks for an honest answer. Why is the "second half longer than the first?" We all know that the first half is always short for various reasons, including tiredness and excitement, which can make the first half shorter. We also all know that the second half is always longer.

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hare your experience; at the very least, write one good reason why you believe the second half is always longer than the first; however, if you believe the first half is significantly longer than the second, explain why.

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