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Flashback:How Conjoined Arab Twins Died Before Separation By Specialists Caused Massive Stir

The first case of conjoined twins was recorded in a small country known as Siamese, hence the name Siamese twins indicating twins not separable at birth through complications or deformity. Two Arab baby girls who needed urgent medical attention died horribly.

The lives of a pair of conjoined twins were in jeopardy unless they were able to leave the Palestinian territory of Gaza, their doctor warned. At a known hospital within the Palestinian territory of Gaza, the girls medical condition couldn't be treated by medics due to lack of technological equipments and health experts.

There were high hopes of flying these infants to abroad for separation. Delivered on Saturday, the little girls were joined at the abdomen and lower body and medical reports suggested one was stronger than the other.

They shared the same one leg with separate heart and lungs. As revealed, conjoined twins that shared the same vital organs had lower probability of survival. One of the sibling required ventilation as she was struggling to breath.

Sadly, these girl who were born in November in Gaza subsequently died.

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