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Wedding planning scene

Funny moments. Groom went speechless when he noticed his bride has been switched.(video)

Groom went speechless after knowing his bride was switched with an old man, he burst into laughter. Watch the funny moments.

Tension is real among couples during wedding ceremony, so it is very necessary to release them by all means and enjoy the moment for once. See how couples were pranked to release their tension.

Alot happens during wedding and when the couples are not careful their mood will swing suddenly and may affect all the activities ahead. Which may cause each other to regret the rest of his life because is a one time event. So it must be a beautiful moment. 

Whether it’s your special day or you’re just celebrating along with everybody else, weddings are happy and wonderful events. couples are mostly overwhelmed. In addition to feeling of some strong emotions. Your wedding day may feel surreal and leave you feeling like you are in a different reality. 

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