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UNITEDSHOBIZ: AY Poyoo Nearly Got Sack From Live TV Show For Bringing Bad Scent Goat Into The Room.

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Ghanaian Comedian and rapper AY Poyoo was nearly sack from a live TV show. AY Poyoo who happens to be one of the guests on Unitedshowbiz on UTV last Saturday, May 22 came along with his goat as usual. 

The heavy chain loader refused to string the goat somewhere else. He wants the goat should be with him around the discussion table but because of the bad olfaction others guest couldn't stand it, even Santana himself has realized the place was smelling too bad. 

Santana asked him to send the goat elsewhere and go for it after the show, but he said no!! He and his goat is one. Santana has to apply force by asking his guys to come for the goat and tie it somewhere. And you know, it's was good he did that because others weren't feeling comfortable at all because of it bad scents. 

After that drama, Santana asked him "This your brand, do you think it's sustainable, or it's going to last?" Because he has seen some before!!

He said, you see, it has been one year now and he still the "Goat" meaning he is not changing anything, hence that is his brand which he is hoping to win Grammys with. He added that, Grammy Awards is all about uniqueness and that is why he being unique. 

Well I don't know who inspired him Grammys is all about uniqueness!! 

Fans, per their reactions were not really happy with Poyoo for bringing the goat to the discussion table, thought some understood him. Read more reactions:

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