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No Condition Is Permanent: See Recent Photos Of Jaden Smith That Shows His Drastic Changed Look

Jaden Smith rose to fame in 2010 after starring in the remake of the 1984 film Karate Kid. He was 12 years old at the time. The film was a critical and financial success and brought the young man to fame.

Will Smith, the son of the popular actor, has been in the news for the past three years for looking thin, with a pale face and disgusting teeth. Fast forward to 2016/17 and it's missing a lot of its sweetness. Her cheekbones were exposed because she was pale and weak.

Her hospitality attracts most of the attention. It looked like a cuter version of his father, Will Smith. Jaden Smith tried to follow in his father's footsteps as a vegetarian but failed. As a result, health problems arise.

Here are some old photos:

Deficiencies of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D were later noted, resulting in sensitivity to gluten and dairy products. This is entirely due to vegetarianism and avoiding meat and fish.

The rapper was seen filming a new music video. He was wearing a life jacket and pants, and New Balance sneakers. He also brought a car that was the same color as his suit. This talented young man performed a number of dances, including walking on the moon by Michael Jackson.

He can also be seen organizing recordings and reviewing footage made by videographers after each recording.

Check out some of his 2021 photos:

Instead, Jadon improved his appearance and continued his healthy diet. The end of the vegetarian lifestyle brings back the sweet Jaden Smith from the old days.

People are most fascinated by his appearance. He looks healthier and in better shape than three years ago.

Which of the two looks do you like best, old or new? Don't forget to give your opinion too.

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