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Tv3’s Anita Akuffo finally reveals a half no make up face while she's asleep and fans get excited

She finally did it to prove her critics wrong that, she still looks pretty without makeup as a photo of a no made up face, circulates online. 

Although many are happy with this development because she has been able to defy the criticism of some fans, others still seem not to be satisfied as she is still being criticised for covering half of her face in the picture, and the fact that it was taken while she was asleep. Many want a full face review, so as to put the negative criticism to rest. After all, her colleagues proudly step to take pictures with no make up on, full pictures to be precise, yet, she still hides her face from the camera. 

“Is she not proud to have such beauty which she always hides under makeup?,” many people ask. She is one of the few personalities who is at the hearts of many, several look up to her for inspiration, morals and elegance so whether you’re in makeup or not, it doesn’t bother them much because makeup does not define who you are and it does not add or subtract from the positive influence she has on the lives of people.

Again, many are asking if the picture taken was intentional or coincidence because it was taken while she was asleep. Could she have asked someone to take it while she was pretending to be asleep or she was asleep indeed and someone took a snapshot of her? Anyways, our dear sister has begun her journey of proving others wrong about her face, and we can’t wait to actually put this whole issue to rest. What do you make of this?.

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