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Why Is The Ewe Man Tag As a Juju Loving Person ?

Publishers of the Badu Nkansah textbook on the history of Ghana have done well by apologizing for their offensive description of Ewes in their publication.

The publishers of the book describe Ewes as a juju-loving person. This description has generated a lot of public anger especially amongst the Ewe people

But are ewes truly juju-loving people? There are a lot of people who love and believe in juju or doing things the old testament way so why is it that Ewes are mostly the ones refer to as people who love Juju?

Maybe it’s the culture, most people are born into doing things a certain way. Most of these things especially the spiritual things are things that covenant people even sometimes without their knowledge and so they grow up doing certain things that separate them from others in a unique way. Sometimes positive or negative

And so someone looking on from outside will start perceiving or tagging people like that in the way they perceive them

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