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“I Have Been Pronounced Dead Ten Times, No One Believes Am Still Alive" - Young Girl Narrates

Sharon was born like any other child, but when she was in the third grade of elementary school she developed an illness that made her whole body ache.

Sharon's mother tried everything to care for her child after her husband left her after a long illness.

Sharon claimed that her whole body was in pain and that sometimes the pain was too great to bear, but because her mother had no money she just cried.

He admitted that it was always difficult for him to be moved from one place to another, because his body was very weak and he could not walk.

Sharon claims that her whole body sometimes burns and she falls asleep and has been declared dead more than 10 times, no one believes she is still alive because of her condition.

Sharon's mother asked well-wishers to help raise money for her daughter's treatment abroad so she can walk again and live a normal life.

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