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Telenovelas And Its Influence. (opinion)

Previously, a great many people would come from a remote place and camp at neighbor's homes to watch intriguing projects on GBC. 

Gone are the days when proprietors of Black and White TVs were diving beings in their area. 

The portrayal of Ghanaian social components were perceived by watchers. 

At that point, our customary traditions and restrictions were treasured and it reflected in our lifestyle. 

The current age, nonetheless, doesn't esteem our way of life since it is accepted to be boorish and antiquated. 

Tragically, these pundits have aimlessly duplicated the "acculturated" Western culture to the disservice of our own. 

Shockingly, with the will to accept anything 'white', the fever for unfamiliar telenovelas has been on the ascent and curiously, our neighborhood TV slots have been the significant partakers. 

These anecdotal stories have ruled early evening programming on the greater part of the TV channels in Ghana since they are intended to draw in a wide survey crowd of men, ladies and youngsters. 

The story lines of these dramas have without a doubt formed watchers' viewpoint. 

From interviews I've had with passionate supporters of these unfamiliar telenovelas-Rosalinda, Veera, Curse by the Sea, Abyss of Passion, Rafaela, Destiny of Power, Juana the Virgin, Marie Cruz (Wild on a fundamental level), La Gata, La Patrona, Daniella, Unforgivable, What Life Took from Me, Shadows of the Past, Simply Maria, Kumkum Bhagya et al, they get dependent on them and absolutely never need to miss any appearance on account of their intriguing story lines. 

The pattern is murdering the nearby film industry since its supporters have moved regard for these unfamiliar arrangement which are even deciphered in some neighborhood dialects. 

As though that isn't sufficient, it has influenced the helpless support of our nearby films. 

Subsequently, this piece will break down the adverse consequences of these telenovelas on connections, ethical quality and instruction in our Ghanaian socio-social setting. 

Unwaveringness in marriage is less valued now, couples head out in different directions without attempting to settle their disparities, connections and kinships are losing their importance in these telenovelas which are opposing to the Ghanaian culture.

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