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The Big Fish: First time In the History Of Ghana

The originally recorded episode occur around Friday, April 2, 2021 where a few occupants along de sea shores of Ghana see some dead fishes. 

The ensuing days wey follow, record different reports from de Axim sea shore, where de ocean wash dead and alive. 

Food and Drugs Authority for Ghana say dem start dey gather tests of de fishes and ocean water to explore how de fishes show up for de sea shores along de coast. 

What was the deal? 

FDA not fit clarify quickly de reason for de occurrence however dem alert overall population against utilization of de fishes. 

Dis be purpose of fish wey pass on for three days with no type of protection dey become unsafe for human utilization. 

"While lab examinations dey go on, de Authority dey caution overall population say dem no for burn-through fish wey be washed aground, purpose of e get likely wellbeing and danger" FDA talk for explanation inside. 

Fisheries Commission say starting perception no show any twisted of assemblages of de fishes. Dem gather de fishes tests a few, set aside briefly for additional assessment. 

De episode occur for parts of Western locale where dem discover de dolphins wey sea shores for Accra top record de washing aground of little fish assortments. 

Some marine life analysts say in spite of de primary driver no be self-evident, submerged commotion because of seismic action, substance contamination lair monstrous fish fishing with handbag seine nets go fit reason de episode.

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