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Rundown of Top Ten Rappers Of All Time

Each rap music darling loves to discuss the best 8 rappers ever. It takes just an easygoing hip-bounce fan to comprehend that Biggie is better than Kanye regarding mic-abilities, and Tupac is head-and-shoulders above Drake. All things considered, with regards to positioning the top-level M.C.s, the discussion gets unanswerable. 

Infamous B.I.G. 

Passed on at a youthful age, one of the most raised rappers from current days, Notorious B.I.G. has accomplished the last status from the get-go in his vocation. His narrating rhymes come directly from his involvement with the Brooklyn roads and picture a phonetic expert's ability. His gathering collection with Junior M.A.F.I.A., and Life After Death collection has caused him to procure as the best rapper ever. 

Jay Z 

The rich progression of Jay Z quick verses, Reasonable Doubt, was significantly less loose. The Brooklyn rapper built up his art with every collection by fixing his streams and making his wit. From that point forward, he conveyed a noteworthy discography with rhymes that consistently goodness, conveying a few works of art en route. 


Eminem is one of only a handful few rappers who got through to the standard, who broke the edit stirring rhymes about assault, murder and medication misuse, and interesting way. 


Prior to his introduction collection, early promotion had pundits and fans consider him the second happening to Rakim. He is known as the best rapper ever; his impeccable mix of striking road verse and dream-group makers are superb in their own right. 

Nas' The Lost Tapes is superior to most M.C.s' collections. 


Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., also called Nelly, is an American rapper, vocalist, lyricist, and periodic entertainer from St. Louis, Missouri. Nelly's presentation collection, Country Grammar (2000), was one of the most popular hip-bounce that broke record multiple times over in the United States and appeared at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 outline. 

Lauryn Hill 

One of the most flexible artists

in hip jump Lauryn Hill floated her gathering The Fugees during the '90s. Her introduction in 1998, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, "was one of the hit tunes. 

Her subsequent collection, The Score (1996), which highlighted a noteworthy redo of Roberta Flack's "Murdering Me Softly with His Song," got a greatly improved crowd, selling in excess of 18 million duplicates and procuring two Grammy Awards. 

Andre 3000 

Andree 3000 was a nimble anchor behind the gathering's flawless five-collection run who has no match with other hip-jump act as far as quality, achievement, and development. His last collection, Speakerboxxx/The affection beneath, made him one of the most compelling of the 21st century. He is better known for being a piece of hip bounce pair Outkast close by individual rapper Big Boi. 

Kendrick Lamar

In contrast to numerous legends during the 1980s, Kendrick Lamar is perhaps the best rapper of the 90s, from Jay Z to Andree 3000. Lamar is apparently the most phenomenal rap expert to arise this thousand years from his triple and fourfold time rhythms to his numerous character voices. His last three collections Section.80, Good Kid Madd City, and To Pimp a Butterfly is one of the most distinctive and effective raps ever. 

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