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Growing Up Without A Dad

In the year 2005, Evan's family had to see him off at the airport because,he was travelling abroad so he could be able to provide his family with a lavish life. He left behind his beautiful wife and three kids. Among his kids was 2-year old Andrea.

Fortunately, Evan's family has been hearing from him since he went abroad. His first child Becky,is all grown up and is now married with a son and his second child, James is getting his way through and is making life better for himself. James and Becky at least knew a little about their dad before he left abroad. They knew what their dad liked and disliked,they ate dinner with their dad and their dad taught them how to tie their shoes well but for 2-year old Andrea who is now 19 years of age and in college, doesn't know anything about her dad. Andrea had to live her life(both good and bad moments)without her dad. Even though her(Andrea) mum was around,not everything that happened to Andrea that she could tell her mum about. Andrea had to grow up with nobody encouraging her to do her best,dinner always felt empty for Andrea because the family wasn't complete without her dad. Andrea would always cry after seeing how her friends bonded with their dads whenever their(Andrea's friends)dads drop them off at school.

For all these 17 and still counting years, Andrea only gets the voice of her dad to keep her going but it wasn't enough.She now feels she can't choose a good husband because she grew up not having a male role model to look up to. Andrea ended up becoming timid and an introvert.

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