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Remember Nakeeyat, the winner of talented kids season 10? This is her now.

The entertainment industry of Ghana has helped projected some people to the limelight and Ghanaians will be forever grateful to them for such discoveries. Never did we know there were kids with such talents in the country till the media decided to bring to our notice their existence. Like precious treasures which were covered, the media decided to uncover them and show them to the world.

All thanks to the media houses especially, TV3 for uncovering the hidden talents of some Ghanaian kids. The advent of their talented kids program has really entertained Ghanaians and most importantly, has unearthed many talents.

They have given the Ghanaian kids a certain hope, they have shown the Ghanaian kids that if they combine their talents with their education, there is nothing they cannot do. This is very positive and we will forever be thankful to them especially, the brain behind the program.

This article is going to see me talk about one of the kids who passed through the talented kids program. She managed not to just pass through, she proved a point to the world that there is a certain Nakeeyat Dramani in Ghana who can move mountains with her words.

She calls herself "Nakeeyat the poet" and well, her name speaks louder about her character. This young girl makes spoken word look very simple. She is very fluent, confident and always relaxed whenever she delivers her poem in front of the audience. One would expect such a little girl to shiver in front of her audience but she is not that type of girl.

She is a genius and even manages to do what most adults find it very difficult to do. This is what I call pure talent, thanks be to her family for encouraging her and training her day in and day out just to see her better.

Nakeeyat has been blessed such that she registered her name in the history books of the talented kids. She was the winner of the tenth edition. Looking at the picture below, you can realize that she was a very young girl. Is she not cute?

How young and innocent she was over there. Those times are no more, the clock is on a ticking spree, time never goes in the anti-clockwise direction, people are growing and so is our beautiful Ghanaian treasure. Nakeeyat, although still young, is not like she used to be some years ago. She has really improved but is looking gorgeous like she has always been. This article is aimed at throwing highlight on this new version of Nakeeyat.

Below are some pictures of this young Ghanaian poet;

Nakeeyat has really grown and is looking beautiful. It is our prayer that she gains the wisdom and understanding needed to complete every task ahead of her.

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