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Darkseid And Thanos, Who Is Stronger?

We have seen villains in movies but these two villains are the greatest and vicious villains one has ever come across. If you love DC or Marvel movies then you know the names Thanos and Darkseid. Thanos is the villain from the Avengers movies whiles Darkseid belongs to the Justice League. But which of them is stronger.

Social media has been divided over the issue. According to some; Darkseid wins. He has the omega beam that is capable of following a speedster.

Darkseid controls energy around him. Darkseid wins with or without the anti life equation.Thanos is just a stronger hulk, with no much power.

Thanos with infinity stone vs Darkseid. Darkseid still wins with the omega beam.Thanos with infinity stone + avengers + X-Men + fantastic 4. Vs Darkseid with anti life equation. Darkseid still wins.

Another person supported the idea saying, Darkseid is gonna finish thanos real quick with or without the infinity stones or mother box. Darkseid has the omega beam which is enough to finish him and he's also equipped with the anti-life equation which can make him single handedly, handle the whole of the MCU. Can you now imagine what it's gonna look like if he now has d mother box to with it! However, thanos is not a god he's just a intergalactic warrior and so he's mortal while Darkseid is immortal and a destroyer of worlds on a multiverse/omniverse level.

On the other hand, supporters of Thanos say; With and without the mother boxes thanos will end darkseid. Take away the infinity stones from thanos and take away the mother boxes from darkseid, thanos will end him, let's not forget the followers of thanos is Much more than darkseid.

But who is stronger than the other? Darkseid or Thanos? Follow me for more exciting updates and attractive stories.

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