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Check Out The Most Trending Kumerican Song From One Of The Dopest Oseikrom Rappers

One original and dopest Oseikrom rappers, popularly known in the creative arts industry as Chinchilla has dropped his version of the trending Kumerican songs which is very dope titled 'Kumerica Here We Dey'.

 In an exclusive interview with crew, the 'King By Birth' hitmaker revealed he is trying to tell the bravery of how the people of Kumasi a.k.a Oseikrom alias Kumerica are in with flow to follow up the Kumerican trend.

The Kumasi city born rapper, whose real name is Samuel Tweneboah Koduah is working on so many tracks and is currently in the studio with Flowking Stone to bring out a banger.

However, in his current song titled 'Kumerica Here We Dey' he said so many interesting things that will make you feel the vibes. Meanwhile, It is his rap style and flow that is trending this song despite the fact that the name 'Kumerica' is trending already.

Click on the download link below to feel the Kumerican vibes:


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Check Out The Lyrics Of The Song Below:


Chale this no be bragging physical branding 

 Whatever they did to me was just a lesson 

Bra Kumasi b3hw3 my niggas are balling and stunting on dollars 

Tumi no so sikadwa Kofi powers

We never stop praying to our forefathers 

Believe and receive God no go shame us

Tell them we are from KUMERICA 

Chale we no dey see pressure 

Wokum apem a apem b3ba 

No retreat no surrender 

Y3asi me heneahy3 mahenema 

Mefri Oseikrom na meeba 

Amanfo) bisa s3y3hwana ba

It’s your boy Chinchilla 

Otumfour nana ne me, metumi di hene 

Y3asimehene mpo a mey3 )pabene 

Asanteni a mefri ahenfie 

Wob3sid3n ne madi asie 

Mennimu nwoma koraa manibie 

Payola no y3ntua biem talent is talking 

Moamonwom aka d33m nyinaa monstarte recording 

Adikanfo) a 3b3boa dodo) noaay3 fucking 

Only fake news that bloggers are blogging 

Pastors deceiving musicians are dissing 

KUMERICA Here we dey 

All My niggas don’t give up 

KUMERICA here we dey 

All ma gang dey cash out 

KUMERICA here we dey 

Old gees in the building 

KUMERICA here we dey 

Eeerrrday niggas dripping 

Wohw3 menaasea mehy3 Balanciaga Mennibaabiak) Dichemso plaza 

Mehyia me doctor y3fr3 no Rasta

Wode3 tenafie n3da wonimde3 33ba

Agot ma Hommies at the back pulling the rover 

In ma city everybody prove loyalty 

Otumfour we respect your Royalty 

Y3ntumi mm)p) without kokromoti

Y3w) gold oh Lord KUMERICA so rich 

Am a hustler 3mfaho s3m3da ab)nten

Wop3 akuaba at) agye mamponteng 

Shout out to Flowking 

Shout out to strongman 

Shout out to all ma ghetto youth in Kumasi 

3ny3 moanka mada afeyi maniate 

Kumasi we living jack inobe easy 

Otumfour adaworoma nti y3nya bi didi

Motete Nkr)fo) amanso na moobleedi

Can’t you think it’s an example of slavery 

Aboa ap)nkyerani firi nsuo ase b3ka kyer3 wose )d3nky3m awua a y3nnye nakyine3 

Y3se Mano awo menim amamer3 menim amane3 tumi ka mekrom kasa san debub3 

Kyooboi yei 

Kyooboi yei 

Yie yie 

Yie yie 

)manfr3 yie 

)manfr3 yie 

Yie yie 

Yie yie 

KUMERICA Here we dey 

My niggas don’t give up 

KUMERICA here we dey 

All ma boys dey cash out 

KUMERICA here we dey 

Old gees in the building 

KUMERICA here we dey 

Eeerrrday niggas dripping 

Asanteman tumi so 

Biakoy3 no k)so 

Atamfo ano ahono a 

)se 3y3 nwaahono

Monk)bisa mase

Menana ne Akwaako

Who knows tomorrow akokrob3to

3y3 mede mob3si ha nti montie nkrato 

Otwereduanpon Kwame dikan gye wonnaase

)tek)k))so) wonananom dawoase

Zoro King wakyer3ampa s3 woy3 krakye 

Greetings to all ma Block Holdaz Team members 

Shout out to Rock City Family 

Watumoto GH 


Mr. Rock

By The Hatman Zack Agon (

Zack Agon

Content created and supplied by: zackagon (via Opera News )

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