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10 Most Dangerous Things You Must Know About A Jealous Lady That Can Kill A Man

Every woman is a jealous type no matter where she come from even Rich or Poor.

So for a man to live long as said in the Bible that fear women, these are the most dangerous things men should notice about a jealous lady.

10 dangerous things of a Jealous Lady;

1- When a lady is in deep love she become jealous.

2 - When you realize she is not dating any other man apart from you.

3 - They become Jealous when They Don't Want To Lose their Man To Someone Else.

4 -Men shouldn't spend much time outside when they notice the jealous nature of their lady.

5 - If Your Attention As A Man Is Not On Them they Lose Focus and Turn Out to Jealousy.

6 -Don't play with Ladies Emotions because they become Jealous Over Little Things.

7 - Ladies Jealous if their Man isn't treating them Better than Others.

8 - When They start Having Doubting Mind they Act Of Jealousy Comes In As Well.

9 - Never Call Your Ex-Girlfriend In Her Presence Because She Will Feel Jealous as Well.

10 - Never buy something special for your lady's friend. This is the worst thing most ladies hate

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