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“Stop Running After Yahoo Boys” Reactions As Lady Allegedly Ran Mad After Doing This

Many young girls this age really don't want to find anything meaningful for themselves. They prefer to follow busy boys with con artists around. In fact, most of these boys cheat just to please their daughters. We have heard all these young girls are used to the rituals of this desperate boy who wants to make money at all costs. Unfortunately most of these girls live big, use the latest iPhones, and even want to drive the newest cars whenever possible. These girls are sometimes used as bait for all the victims who were tricked by this boy. Often times, they help these boys communicate with people who end up duplicating them.

A video surfaced online showing a young woman demonstrating madness on Isawo Street near the village of Agricultural mechanics in the Ikorodu district of Lagos state. They saw her showing madness on the street, most of these girls would not follow the boys who were struggling to get over it, but were chasing after Yahoo boys who fooled innocent people with their hard-earned money from society - said a man at behind the camera.

The young woman pulled off her hair and started waving as if controlling the traffic on the road and dancing to the imaginary music that was heard as it rained everywhere.

Most of the parents / guardians of these boys and girls also have to get into this debt as some have the habit of challenging their children and using other children who don't know the source of their wealth to mock them, which causes them to feel very unhappy. adequate. They continue to compare them to their friends who see them, to big cars in beautiful clothes, without knowing the source of their wealth.

The society we live in today is gradually collapsing. Young girls need to learn skills that put them on the right footing rather than chasing after boys they end up using them for money rituals.

People believe that she must have slept with a Yahoo Boys who admitted to using their fate for something else.

What should you say to a girl in such a relationship?

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