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Can you guess the beauty of nature and creativity

Nature and Creativity are Two contrasting melodies that seem the same but a bit different,the pic below is a funny but mind blowing how a person managed a glass window on a plasting house .A bit creative and amazing to look at somehow Below also comes to mind how human mind and nature can look the same but little different,it's shows the combination of both a lake and roads built around it .can you imagine? ,It's a bit cool and mind blowing but if you take into consideration you will understand it consist of both nature and creativity that looks sparklingBelow also shows the graphing of the sky ,it looks exactly like a creative painting but it's nature .Nature holds a lot and creativity also brings a lot

Last to them is the picture of an old Vehicle,can you imagine having a ride in it .this picture do not form part of the nature and creative contractions but it shows humans ability in Ensuring safety and being bold in decisions

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