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After 28 Days Away From Home, Kojo Came To Meet His Wife Doing This In Their Bedroom - [FICTION]

It had been a while since Mr. Kojo came back home from about 28 days on the oil rig. The whole excitement had gotten him all sleepless at getting back home to see his beautiful wife.

The night before, two love birds had a video call with the man all excited and anticipating what he will do when he returns back home into the arms of his wife.

His wife didn't respond but said, "I have a surprise for you when you come back and I know you will love it".

She said this as she winked him in a way only they could understand for the man was in a company of a friend.

The night was too long and the day took like forever to come but eventually came as Mr. Kojo took the helicopter from the rig to the stationed point before finally he took a flight home.

Upon reaching home, he wasn't hearing from his wife as he knew she was expecting him. He went to the kitchen but didn't call out for he taught of surprising her from her back.

After searching for her for about two minutes, the fed up Kojo went straight to their bedroom only to hear groans coming out of their room.

He heard, "it's too tight to slip in, let us try this position so I can wear it". With heavy heart and anger, he opened the door only to meet his wife trying to dress in silk skinny attire with the help of her female friend.

To confess, this is how Kojo loves to see his wife dress so in an attempt to please her husband, she asked her friend for help.

The anger slid away as his heart finally returned to it normal state.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing, Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Kaks_Gym (via Opera News )



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