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Is Bella's Date Kodak Actually Going Out With Abena Korkor? Fellow me for more details.

Wonders they say shall never end as some guys cannot truly stick to one woman because of a reason best known to them.

Kodak is a very cute young guy who mounted on the stages of the date rush to look for love and which of had a date with one of beautiful ladies on the show by name Bella.

Infact Bella and her date Kodak were forging ahead so beautifully with their love chapter until this whole celebrity segment of the date rush show came to ruin everything.

The celebrity segimemt of the date rush show is where two celebrities - a man and a woman hence Abena Korkor and Elikam the tailor came on the last episode of the date rush season 5 to pick a date for their charity donations.

But very unfortunately for Bella her date Kodak landed in Abena Korkor"s arms on that faithful evening following some answers Kodak provided to Abena Korkor's questions on the show.

And since that day Bella has known no peace in her relationship with Kodak because after the charity work Abena Korkor and Kodak are glued together.

Bella disclosed on the date rush reunion show on last Sunday that Abena Korkor and her boyfriend Kodak are actually seeing each other as in having an affair with each other.

Bella went on also to say that after the charity work her boyfriend Kodak accompanied Abena Korkor for there were also some romantic pictures flooding Abena Korkor's social media handlings with Kodak.

So therefore Bella herself have cleared the air openly on a national television TV3 about Abena Korkor and Kodak's affair so should you see the two of them together never be astonished.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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