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Good news for Chandranandini fans- Chandranandini is coming back on Atinka TV (5th July, 2021)

Chandranandini is a twinovella that was showed on Atinka TV. It was a very insightful and the best twinovella one could ever get. Many people who didn't like twinovella's including celebrities (men) testified that, they don't watch twinovella's because they believe it's for ladies but since Atinka TV showed it and they watched, they then knew that some novella's are the best.

However, I part of the guys who didn't like watching telenovella's and twinovella's because, I also believed it was for girls and as a blogger, I don't get time for those things, all I do is to be looking for news. But, one day I was going through my television and spotted Chandranandini on Atinka TV and decided to watch small.

It was yet to two minutes of watching and I fell in love with it, it reached a point where I can't sleep without watching. It took most of my time but indeed, it was the best twinovella I've ever watched.Let get started with the main reason why we came here.

Chandranandini ended about 2 months ago on Atinka TV and most of the Chandranandini fans and watchers love it and can't let it go and most of them didn't watch from the start so they requested that Chandranandini should be showed again. And yes, there is good news to the Chandranandini fans as Chandranandini is coming back and going to be showed again on Atinka TV, the request has been granted successfully.

Starting effective from 5th July, 2021 Chandranandini will be showed on Atinka TV from the start at 3pm.

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