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Double Tee Inability to Capitalize on the 'Understand' Merchandise Speaks a lot about Him.

Double Tee notably known for his controversies in the northern music industry, attacking almost anyone who cross his path with his rap accompanied by humor always give fans what they do not expect.

MACCASIO, one of the celebrated rapper in Ghana and the best in tamale has always been attacked by double tee in various forms and occasions, it has now emerge as a norm in the industry to see double tee attack MACCASIO and any other artist.

Double who came out with merchandise called Understand with his picture couple with his beards and the inscription understand went as far as beyond the shores of northern region.

It was clear this brand has raise it head in the music industry as many fans accepted it in good faith, not a day passed by without a boutique making a sale of the T shirt, not a day passed by without seeing someone wearing it.

The merchandise made it way to Kumasi, Accra, wa and the northern sector as a whole but one thing is clear like the rest of the musicians, capitalizing on it to market his brand failed.

As a digital marketer certified by Google, I understand branding is expensive but the outcome of an expensive branding over weighs the expenditure, promoting such a brand requires real strategies and hard work.

It seems many may have even forgotten about those merchandise but going through my archive it is something that should have been a nation wide brand if not so but a huge brand in the North would not be bad considering the support of a home base fans can do.

It not too late to look back and pick from where he left if he mean business as an artist, now that branding has taken over the world like an unannounced storm maybe something little can spice it up or maybe a whole merchandise.

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