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The Good Old Days. If You Never Watched This Movie Before, Go And Get It Now.

Kanana is a twi name meaning deceitful. It was the title of one of the oldest movie in the history of Ghana. The movie is probably over 30 years now. The main characters were Akata and Akatsa. These two blossom friends were thieves in their village who stole items like plantain, chickens and turkeys. Because of their bad habits, they were casted or expelled from their village by their chief and people.

Fast forward. As strangers in another man's land, Akata and Akatsa learnt that their new found place was a galamsey community. Almost everyone in that village was a galamseyer. There was one man who was well-built in stature. His name was Sebrebe. Sebrebe mounted a toll booth on the very footpath the galamseyers used on a daily basis. He collected virtually everything from them but because of his strength, no one dared to challenge him. Not even the strong men in the village.

He kidnapped, raped and killed innocent girls. Akata and Akatsa developed a strategy to get rid of the strong man Sebrebe was terrorized the people for so long. Because they could not fight him, they became friends with him. (If you can't beat them join them.) Their plan worked successfully and at the end of everything, they finally got rid of them and became heroes of change in the village.

Because of the bravery executed by them, the whole village trusted them to the point that they even brought their gold for them to keep. But, once a thief always a thief. Akata and Akatsa run away with all the gold they got after killing the strongman and also with what the villagers brought to them.

All these while, the goddess of the land was watching them. The goddess punish them by making them lose all the gold and also turned them into cripples.

The pictures below says more.

Akata stealing someone's plantain

When they were about to be casted away from the village.

Women performing rituals of sweeping off their feet.

The chief performing the libation at the riverside.

Struggling to climb to the top

They saw a trapped antelope but Akata could not hold it well. The animal escaped.

He was surprised himself

Fighting among themselves because of the Antelope.

When they saw Sebrebe the strongman catching one of the girls

The tollbooth of Sebrebe

The girl who was captured sister crying for help.

Raped and killed

Akata and Akatsa carried the dead body to the family and there the trust begun

The women praised them for their courage.

Conspiring to kill Sebrebe by making friends with him

They finally became friends but they were still afraid.

They deceived him that the people had plan to kill him so they wanted to inform him.

Spreading itchy substance on his bed (Apea)

Sebrebe came to sleep and the apea started working on his body

Come and let me help you.

Lie down here and allow me to wrap your body with these leaves. It will stop the pain.

They tied him up with rope and pushed him down the cliff.

We made it.

Jubilation upon jubilation as the enemy was eradicated.

They shared all the gold Sebrebe had among the two of them.

The women entrusted them with their gold possessions

They were so happy for getting so much money.

Once a thief always a thief. They run away through the window.

The women came for their money but they were nowhere to be found.

On their way to success

The goddess was watching them

All the gold got mixed up with sand. They lost everything

The goddess finally revealed herself to them and caused them to become cripples

Akata saw the goddess and fell from the tree. He broke his waist.

The End. Kindly comment and share.

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Akata Akatsa Good Old Days Kanana


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