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Santo, Agya Koo or Liwin, Who's Your G.O.A.T.?

With Ghana movie industry struggling for survival, let us take a trip down memory lane in honour of those who have left a mark on the Ghana movie scene. Comedy and the movie industry are almost inseparable. Ghana has seen so many great actors, and quite a number of those can be categorised as comic actors.

Some faces have automatically come to be associated with comic acting. The role has kind of changed hands from time to time and some individuals distinguished themselves so well that they were the face of the Ghana movie industry at some point in time.

Who does not remember Bod Santo? He ruled the screens until his death in.... His partnership with Judas was a perfection every movie strived to attain in his hay days.

Agya Koo came into rose to to prominence after Santo's demise and he brought a whole new dimension to it but his reign was interrupted when Kwaku Manu and Liwin surfaced. Liwin is m, however, the better of the the two.

Now the question. Among Liwin, Santo and Agya Koo who deserves to be the G.O.A.T?

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