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You Now Look Like An Albino - Fans React To KiDi's New Look With Golden Hair

You Now Look Like An Albino - Fans Reacts To KiDi's New Look With Golden Hair 

Three days ago, the sugar daddy hit maker KiDi on his Facebook page posted new pictures of himself with a new hairstyle that he has dyed it gold in colour to alert people of his new song.

This pictures has then left many people talking and commenting on his new look as he brings a new song to match his new look.

Majority of the people has come to released that he looks like an albino and for the fact that he dyed his black hair to golden, it has made him look exactly like one.

And on the pictures we could observe that there are many tiny black spots around his nose and cheeks which are making people to believe that he is an albino.

These are some of the comments made by them;

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