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I Am Happy I Didn't Get A Guy On Date Rush - Cilla Reveals

Many people have gained interest in the recent updates of the date rush television program because of the nature of its reunion stage.

Judging from the attitude of the new set of contestants that were brought on the show, it is quite observable the drama amongst participants of the dating program has risen to the apex point.

It's either a guy is complaining about his friends' behavior, or there are some secrets being revealed.

As part of the recent news surrounding the dating experience of contestants on the show, Cilla has spoken her mind on what she feels about the guys who appear on date rush.

We all know after a switch of amazing contests, she never got anyone to call her partner.

However, she was seen on the program with other colleagues who also failed to get a date after all the episodes.

During their interview session, Giovani asked her a lot of questions about life after the show, which she gave excellent answers to.

However, it got to a point where she deviated a little with regard to the choice of words she used for a particular answer.

Giovanni's question was so simple and demanded a befitting feedback from the lady (Cilla).

He asked Cilla if she was talking to any male contestant after she left the show with no partner. 40:30-42:00)

In response to this question, Cilla said she has received a couple of messages from the guys who came to the program. However, she thinks it's a good idea she didn't get anyone to date after her episode.

Afterwards, Giovanni questioned her on why she said made such an impolite statement.

Cilla answered by saying most of the male contenders are very childish, meaning they lack maturity.

For me, I feel the answer she gave was very disrespectful. It is not right for a woman to tell a guy he is acting like a child because men are the head of every relationship.

Tap the link provided in this article and let me know your opinion on the comment made by Cilla?

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