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Twene Jonas Finally Reveals Who Sponsored Him To America As He Displayed His Lamborghini.

He was not seen as frequently as he used to be after his verbal attack on Afia Schwarzenegger. Twene Jonas was shown in his most recent video with a bunch of persons he claimed to be his "boys" with whom he works. He excused himself from his meeting with his lads in order to offer his viewers the normal warm-up message.

He smiled as he excused himself, saying, "I'll be right back." He charged a white man, "This is my man, say something to them." My children and I are exhausted, and we need to take a rest before continuing. I'll have to leave them while they go find something to eat so that I can talk about what's going on in Ghana right now. I don't have much time for myself these days, but I'm aware of the farm's current status.

He exited the building and displayed a brand-new Lamborghini that he claimed to have purchased recently.

"I traveled to begin a project in another location, and I am currently on my way to New York City, but before I arrive, allow me to quickly relax in my Lamborghini and send you a warm-up message." I'm driving a million-dollar vehicle, and some of you are causing excessive noise on the farm. While some of you gossip about me, I'm busy making money and driving expensive cars."

"I am a millionaire, and the car I am driving right now is worth more than a million dollars." For my artiste Saythedon, even the smallest type is costly. Allow me to return to my work. My heartfelt sympathies to my Ghanaian family who were cruelly murdered and beaten by police; everyone in Ghana is my family. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to dealing with situations in Ghana. How is it that you can travel to another nation and get wealthy overnight because the system is set up to function that way, but you can't do the same in Ghana?

"Someone claims to have taken me to America; I'm going to let everyone know about it." I don't recognize any black men over here because I don't trust them. The majority of the time, I'm in whites. Saythedon is the only black man I associate with. I have never met a black man. A white man was the one who brought me to America. Although I used to assist actors, film producers, and artists in Ghana, I cannot promise that any of them will support my trip to America. I defy anyone to come out and say publicly that they brought me to America."

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