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Check out how these Hollywood movies were made on Green screen.

Hollywood has taken over the movie industry with their wonderful movies and series on our screens. Over the years they have been consistent with providing viewers with interesting and mind blowing movies, story lines, Location and VFX. One thing which has kept them going apart from their story lines is how they are able to generated Characters with computers, and merge these CGI creatures with actors.

The introduction of technology in movies has even made it more interesting and realistic to watch. About 70% of Hollywood movies we watch involves the use of CGI characters and 3D Animation. When we take a look at a popular movie like Lord of the rings, there was an alien character in there who looked real and was merged with the actors.

It will surprise you to know that character was generated with Computer technology termed as CGI. He is a 3D Character ( cartoon ). We have an AI called motion capture which comes in many forms, it can be in a suit form where a human will wear it, or a gadget form. It records every movies by humans and these moves are calculated and transferred into a motion data, which can be applied to every 3D character created with a Computer and the 3D character, will perform every action and moves done by the human according to the motion data.

With the technology of Green screen and blue screen, they are used to change the backgrounds of scenes. When an action is recorded on a green or blue screen, editors will get rid on these Colors and replace it with a video background or a picture. Technology has made it possible to do a lot of things to make movies interesting to watch, and also makes it difficult to identify which is real or not.

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