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A look at what Nana Agradaa did to emerge victorious over popular prophetess Pep Donkor

CEO of thunder TV who doubles as a fetish priest finally annihilates and buries popular prophetes Perpetual Donkor as promised.

For a while now we had run out of beef to entertain social media fanatics.

However, out of the blue, we woke up to an "Agradaa vs Pep Donkor" fight. This fight has gone on for a while now as both Nana Agradaa and Pep Donkor have been at each other's throat.

Nana Agradaa promised to finish Pep Donkor on her next Sunday program that was going to be aired on her thunder tv.

Nana Agradaa vowed to make Pep Donkor vomit the rings she had swallowed for spiritual power as she takes the beef into the spiritual realm.

Diabolically, Nana Agradaa delivered as she used her gods to hex Pep Donkor with a doll and a black dove live on her Sunday program. She then placed both the doll and the black one into a small cage and ordered her goons to bury the cage outside to signify her victory.

Loudmouth Pep Donkor is yet to reply Nana Agradaa on this one. Agradaa really nailed her. From the looks of things, Pep Donkor has already conceded defeat.

Nana Agradaa then dedicated her victory to her loyal buddies like Komfo Showboy and Maame Ngege who according to her, contributed massively to her victory.

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