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How Bruce Banner's pants remains intact when he turns into The Incredible Hulk?

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Comic books present some of the absurd Phantasm in human history, it simply present thing in an unrealistic way but yet tries to relate characters to us humans. Some of this characters given unexplained incredible powers and behaviors may seem untrue to us human. Looking at one of Marvels powerhouse , the incredible Hulk .

We often wonder, how the hulk get his pants on when Bruce banner turns in him. In other words, the normal average Bruce banner's can't fit a car-go size hulk with incredible destructive durability and strength and still not get burn or torn or whatsoever .So in most cases the Hulk should be fighting completely naked. Infact this is logically impossible and critical to explain in reality.

But not for comics, you see everything about comic books and their characters is metafictional and imaginably possible. 

In the comic books, here are some of the theory presented to address this Hulk invincible pants issues. The comic explains it this way.

Bruce banner always wear pants or underwear made of some kind of unstable molecules, just like the suits of the Fantastic Four. For this reasons, the pant keeps adjusting in size to compensate for the hulks growth and abilities as seen in the fantastic four movie.

If so why doesn't appear torn at the Hulk legs,around the lower thighs.And that is just dumb, seeing nothing should've remained of the pants.

Taking for Instance, DC new 52 Superman and his Kryptonian suits that morph to Cover his body perfectly without a Scratch, even in an extreme fight. Even Superman suit can change the properties of the fabric so it grows as Superman grows.

Then if that's the kind of Suits or Fabric the Hulk has then he should be able to turn then Banner would be able to turn into the Hulk fully clothed. Or don't you think so.

Furthermore, in one of the interviews, Stan Lee, the mind behind the Hulk, pointed out that the fabric of the Hulk’s pants is invented by Reed Richards, one of the members of the Fantastic Four, whose superpower is the ability to infinitely stretch and elongate his body.

from that interview:

I just figured that Bruce Banner had probably been a friend of Reed Richard, and Reed had given him some elastic trousers. There’s an explanation for everything, but you may not be technically advanced enough to follow me on all of this.

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