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Two Guys Rejects Fine Lady Just Because of "Atopa"

This week of date rush has come back with its bizarre controversies. In this week's episode, the 10 gentlemen on the show were presented with one fine lady for scrutiny.

However, lots of the gentlemen came out clearly to reject or show their disinterest in the beautiful, young, slender lady. The reason being "Atopa". The best friend of the female Contestant named Nora mentioned to the Date Rush male contestant that Nora is not a fan of sex and that is what mainly caused her breakup in her former relationship.

Giovani even comments that now it seems the friends who speak on the video profile seem to talk more and reveal more details than the contestants themselves.

Some male contestants however made their dating decision based on this information. Desmond (the small but mighty) remarked that he cannot do without "Atopa" and for that reason he is rejecting her. When Giovanni probed further, Desmond reveals that "Atopa" is very necessary as it is a form of exercise and it helps burn calories. Giovani then teased him stating that for his height and size what calories is there to burn.

Philip, who is the other gentleman to reject Nora for this same reason adds that she also seems to be slightly immature and that if she is not "prolific in the bedroom" then that is a serious mismatch. He adds that should he start going out to hang out with friends, she will be suspicious and it would lead the relationship to fail.

Ultimately, "Teacher Nora" got the young and handsome Prince from Nigeria as a Date. Prince from the moment Nora stepped on stage set sights on getting her as a date and got just that.

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