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Ghanaian Prison Officers Thrilled Online With Their Splendid Dance Moves. (Video)

It has now become competition for all kinds of working sectors to prove to the world that, they can also be classified as celebrities without considering the kind of professions you finds them in. They are really changing the notion about considering only actors, actresses, brand ambassadors and models as the only people who are to be classified as celebrities.

Chrisdad news present to you about a video making waves on social media which two prison officers from Ghana are thrilling social media with their beautiful and splendid dance moves.

These prison officers were dancing to the Kumerican upcoming artist hit track titled "Biibi Besi". They intentionally set the camera on themselves and captured the video. These officers look excited in the video during their dance moves. Their zonal and base is not yet known.

There has been a lot of encouraging comments from the general public with regards to the video making waves on social media. These prison officers are really making the work lucrative and they are using their dance moves to market their work to different countries. They need to be applauded for what they are doing.

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Content created and supplied by: Chrisdad (via Opera News )

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