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Meet The 51 Year Old Woman Who Looks Like A Teenager

Saida Ramirez gets the eyes of people when she reveals that she is a mother of three and born in the year 1970.

She grew up in Honduras, her country before relocating to America at age 21 for greener pastures. According to her, she grew up in her place of origin, in extreme poverty which was why she had to leave for America where she was able to see see the light of financial advancement.

Mrs Ramirez amazes people for her teenage outlook while she is obviously married with three kids - and probably into menopause. Last year, when she first revealed this with a picture on her Instagram handle, there came a lot of disagreement from the people and she had to post her security card and used a piece of cotton to cover her identity number.

It is obvious that having grown up in a family of extreme poverty, she has been able to pull through in the United States and maintains her body properly. She also revealed that she supports her family back home financially.

What do you have to say about this? Is this her body nature or due to the kind of diet she takes? Do well to comment your opinions below and as well follow me up for more updates on exciting and educative articles.

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