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DATE RUSH: Who said Fatima is not Beautiful? See and believe it yourself.

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Date Rush everyone deserves Love. In fact Date Rush is a Lovely reality show on TV3 channel on every Sunday at 8pm. The nature of the show has accumulated a lot of fans who always like to watch it. Everything relating to Love who don't like? But there is another thing that makes the show more fun, the person of Fatima, she really make the show more fun some may also say she is not serious. If Fatima herself knows what she is doing, who are you to judge her? 

Some people say she talks too much, that is who the are!! 

Some people also complain of her hairstyle, that is who she are!! 

And some others say, she is not beautiful forgetting every lady is beautiful in her own way, truth me. These pictures of Fatima would make you believe that she is so beautiful, just that she wants to be her own and no one else. 

Fans of Date Rush has also reacted she is beautiful, so if you alone said she is not then what shall we say. Haha take a look at;

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